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The New Look E=MC² Programme

Our E=MC² series of programme are designed to support people from marginalised and disadvantaged backgrounds to learn, nurture and practice positive entrepreneurial skills by setting up their own small businesses. The ultimate aim of the programme is to give people furthest removed from the labour market a real shot at being able to survive in a global economy, and also to support them in their transition and progression. By equipping them with life, business, employability and core transferable skills the E=MC² programme is designed and delivered to support people to start making a contribution to our society and their local communities.

What have we added to the programme for 2012?

  • Startup Capital: A unique fundraising challenge will be launched at start of programme to ensure clients have raised some startup capital for their business idea over the 10 weeks. The fundraising challenge will involve clients conducting a creative and entrepreneurial activity (or several activities) where they have to invest the £10 to generate more funds. This activity/project will be used as theme throughout the 10 weeks to which clients will apply learning acquired during sessions.
  • Progression: Clients will work with facilitators and mentors for 10 months after the programme to set up a real business venture, in which they will invest the proceeds from the £10 challenge – this means that our clients now get the opportunity to learn the concepts of business by setting up a mini-venture through £10 and then get the opportunity to setup a real business over 10 months by investing the proceeds of the £10.
  • New “Brand You” Session: Industry experts will lead on a new “Brand You” workshop in Week 6 which will give participants a practical insight into presenting, and branding themselves and believing in their self-worth and how to behave and act as business professionals.
  • New “Social Media” Session: Industry experts and facilitators lead on a  Social Media  workshop in Week 7 which will help clients set up and learn to use various channels of social media, they also set up a basic word press website.
  • New “Forming Your Business” Session: Facilitators will lead a “Forming Your Business” session which will involve clients developing concept boards for their mini-ventures.
  • Peer Mentoring: We have introduced a unique opportunity for all clients who successfully complete the programme to become trained as peer mentors to other E=MC² clients
  • Recruitment of Clients: We have introduced a pre-start “open day” which will be held at a local venue to support front line workers and services to engage potential clients onto our programme. This would also be an invaluable opportunity for potential clients to meet the TSBC team, register, and learn more about the programme.
  • Ensuring Sustainable Outcomes: We have also implemented a pre-programme “induction” session which will help participating clients to learn more about how to engage on the programme, to get the best out of it and to understand what they will gain from participating, how much time commitment is involved and what support is available to them

Contact our Development Team for more information

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