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Message from Chief Executive

Welcome to our first e-news bulletin for 2012! I hope the start to what is set to be an action packed year, has started well for you. This is TSBC’s Year of Innovation, we have started it by revamping our programme content to ensure they continue to make sustainable impact, we have also developed a new adult version of our Progress to Success programme which we will be announcing soon after an initial trial between January and March 2012. Following a presentation by our Enterprise Manager, it became apparent that we approach corporates almost every day for their support, but Ramat got us all thinking about how we could implement our own responsibility strategy. Along with this, our vision and our commitment to innovating, we were inspired to implement our own culture of organisational and community responsibility at TSBC which goes beyond money and philanthropy. Part of this new way of working involves us investing back in the communities that have given us the opportunity to create change with them – so we can create more, and start supporting our local communities where residents can become successful and have a sense of aspiration. I am determined to ensure that TSBC becomes the best social enterprise in the country, not just because of the great work that we do, but because of the way we do it, and who does it. I want us to lead by example. Therefore, it is with great pride that we are launching , one of the first official social enterprise and charity “social responsibility” schemes in the UK.

When I founded TSBC in early 2009, I remember the wall in the bedroom of my East London apartment that had our strategic vision pinned on it. The vision was to help our society become a better place, where people did not feel anything will hold them back from finding success in their lives. Today, operating from the heart of the capital, working across almost half of London and now Leicestershire too, we are in a much stronger position to create positive social change through building and nurturing a better, more entrepreneurial society. I have been overwhelmed to see our links, corporate partners, and support from all stakeholders grow daily, which has proven how much the “power of the collective” can go towards making change happen.

As a leading communications agency in London commented: “”TSBC is exemplary first wave social enterprise showing how the power of the collective can produce positive social outcomes.”

Our responsibility strategy goes beyond just money and funding, it is one that will build a culture that involves every stakeholder within an organisation, including the environment and local areas that we operate in; our co-producing customers who our dedicated staff work together with to design the most innovative solutions to solve local problems.

By definition, every social enterprise has a social objective, mission and purpose. What we are introducing is a unique approach to creating a cultural shift in how great work can be done more responsibly and start from inside out.

Amar Lodhia

Chief Executive

Download TSBC’s R² Strategy 2012

Download Funding Guidelines for:

TSBC Small Grants Fund 2012 | LB Barking & Dagenham

TSBC Small Grants Fund 2012 | LB Islington

TSBC Small Grants Fund 2012 | LB Newham

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